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About this website

Welcome to the beta version of the new This is the test version of our new website.

We are building a website that will make interacting with the NSW Government better.  

Our aim is to make it easier for you to find information, complete transactions and have your say on government.   

This is our beta website — a test version of the new   

We built this site to get feedback from our customers about what improvements we could make.  

This site is not complete. Over time, we'll add more content from other NSW Government websites. This will mean that you'll have all the information you need in one place.  

Our beta version is not perfect. We are continuing to refine the design and content. You may find an occasional broken link or error message.  

How you can help 

You can help us to deliver a better experience for people who live, work or do business in NSW, or who are visiting NSW.  

We’d like to hear from you what works, what doesn’t and how we can improve the experience.  

Tell us how we could improve the experience for you. 

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