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Stay at home

We must all follow the stay at home rules to help slow the spread of the coronavirus, save lives and protect our health workers.

Keep your distance

If you have to leave home for essential reasons like visiting the doctor or grocery shopping, stay at least 1.5 metres away from others.

Look after yourself and others

Wash your hands regularly and stay in touch with family and friends by phone, social media or video calls where possible.

COVID-19: what you need to know

How to protect yourself and others

How to protect yourself and others

Wash your hands regularly and keep your distance from others but stay connected.

Non-essential business and gatherings

What you can or can't do under the current rules

Find out how public health orders affect what you can or can't do, where you can go and what is open, closed or restricted.

Financial support

Financial support

The Australian Government is offering financial support if you’re affected by COVID-19.

Supporting our community

School, universities and childcare

Schools, universities and childcare

Information about COVID-19 (coronavirus) for NSW schools, universities and childcare centres.

Businesses and workplaces

Businesses and workplaces

Information for businesses, employees and jobseekers, including advice about the latest closures.

Can your business help

We need your help

Register your interest in manufacturing critical products.

people tested and cleared
people with confirmed cases

including interstate residents in NSW health care facilities

lives lost
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