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More than 500 NSW Government websites will be consolidated into a single website by 2025, in an effort to make it easier for customers to find information, access services and have their say.


There are more than 750 websites across NSW Government. Research shows customers find it hard to access information and services online.

Many websites also apply the NSW Government's digital brand and identity inconsistently.

Customers expect a seamless digital experience when purchasing goods and services. It should be no different when dealing with NSW Government.

What we are doing

The Department of Customer Service is improving the customer experience of digital information and service channels through a whole of government website consolidation program.

More than 500 NSW Government websites will be consolidated into a single website by 2025.

The program will be closely modelled off the UK’s one-stop shop website.

What users can expect

Users of the consolidated – citizens, businesses, public servants, visitors – will be able to:

  • complete specific tasks online in fewer clicks on fewer websites or in less time
  • find easy-to-understand, consistent information or online services, through search or by browsing customer-centric topics on one website
  • voice their opinion on what the NSW Government is doing
  • provide real-time feedback on the website itself, so we can continually refine and improve our digital assets.

The new one-stop shop website will provide taxpayers with value for money by reducing website development, hosting and maintenance costs over the next decade.

How users can provide feedback

Clicking the thumbs up/down buttons at the bottom of each page of the consolidated website tells us where and how we could improve the customer experience.

What NSW Government agencies need to do

NSW Government agencies are required to assess the websites they manage and look for ways to consolidate the information contained in these sites.

Rather than build a new website, consider:

  • creating a new section for your content on an existing website with an established audience
  • submitting the information to be housed on

A reduction in the number of websites should deliver significant long-term cost savings to agencies and allow more effective communication between government and the community.

Refer to Circular DCS-2020-01 NSW Government website consolidation for further details.

How we are tracking

In February 2020 a preview of this refreshed site became available, followed by the launch in April 2020.

As part of the website consolidation program, the site includes content from

It also brings together information on

The progressive expansion of content and upgrades to the website will incorporate insights from customer research and feedback.

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